"The Original" Augusta Ghost Walks Guarantee

"The Original" Augusta Ghost Walks  really can't guarantee ghosts. However, we can and will guarantee you this: your Augusta Ghost Walk experience will be an hour and a half adventure of unearthly fun! You'll see wonderful Victorian-style homes,  learn about Augusta's haunted history, be touched time and again by the magic of supernatural beliefs, hear authentic ghost stories presented with passion, and even be amazed to learn how you can catch yourself a ghost ... if you dare! We guarantee good, old-fashioned exercise, fresh air, and an outstanding good time. The Augusta Ghost Walks is: humor and history, emotion and education, and supernatural mystery all combined. You will most assuredly and absolutely be entertained, edified and enchanted! Call today to confirm your tour with us:

(706) 868-5867

We're "dying" to have you join us!

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