Augusta Ghost Walks

Augusta Ghost Walks' Safety Guidelines

To insure the safety and enjoyment of everyone's experience on our ghost tours, we have certain safety guidelines that must be followed by each member of the group.

1) No food or drink allowed on the Ghost Walk. Any and all concessions must be finished before starting the actual tour.
2) No smoking on the Ghost Walk. For the consideration of adults and children on our tours (as well as our ghosts!), we kindly ask there be no smoking while on our ghost tours.

3) No weapons allowed. For the protection of everyone there are to be no weapons of any kind brought to our tours.  We are constantly monitored by local authorities who will be immediately notified in the event of anything, or anyone, that seems suspicious.  The saftey of our group is of utmost importance at all times.
4) Stay with the group & stick close to your guide. The tour consists of all sorts of walking terrain that has been thoroughly reviewed by our guides. For the safety of the entire group we ask that you stay with your guide and do not wander in to "scary" places unknown.

5) No Profanity! The Augusta Ghost Walks is a family oriented tour. We have designed our Ghost Walk for adults as well as children. Therefore, absolutely no profanity will be accepted on this tour. Violators will be asked to leave.

6) Do not touch the Ghosts! We unfortunately can't guarantee you'll see a ghost on your tours, but then again you might!  However, if you do, stay calm, let your guide know, and be as kind to the apparition as possible. We want our ghosts to enjoy the tour just as much as you!

RULE # 7
Enjoy your experience with the Augusta Ghost Walks!!
Although the management has made every attemp to insure that
the Augusta Ghost Walks is a safe attraction, there is always the
slight risk of injury. Therefore, Tollison Enterprises, Inc. nor The
Original Augusta Ghost Walks assumes no liability for injuries
sustained during our ghost tour.

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